Erick Boniventure


About Erick

Am working as MIS/IT coordinator at Population Services International. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University of Dar es Salaam.Currently am pursuing Master’s degree in Information System Management from the University of Dar es Salaam. At my job in Population Services International (Tanzania), I’ve spent 5+ years working with tech and learning from people from different countries. I’ve done well and achieved greaty things in the organization. I’m really curious about how technology and new ideas can help businesses. I like to figure out how things work and use that to make new solutions that help businesses / organization do better.


  • Management of Information System
  • Software Development
  • System Administrator

Work Experience

MIS/ IT Coordinator
Population Services International

As a MIS/IT Coordinator at PSI Tanzania from 2018 to Date, my responsibilities are as follows:

Administering all IT operations in the organisation.

• I am system administrator for the servers running Windows Server 2012, managing virtual machines, web servers.

• I am administrator for Organization Microsoft azure active directory and endpoint management.

• Managing network firewall running on Sophos XG and a Ubiquiti managed switch responsible for access and security of systems, including configuration of firewall rules, configuration of VPNs and virtual networks.

• I am administrator of the organization’s HR system which runs on top of Microsoft SQL Server

• I am administrator of the organization’s finance system Quick Books Enterprise (QBE)

• Deployment and management of CCTV system running on Ubuntu Server at the HQ office

• Managing software licenses

• Distributing IT equipment to users and keeping track of all IT assets

• Writing and updating IT policies and ensuring their enforcement.

• Write Organization ICT disaster recovery plan.

• Management of the organization’s USSD and SMS short codes

• Technical support for ICT related issues our staff encounter.

• Testing Disaster recovery for business Continuity.

Administering organization database running on DHIS 2

• Managing user access, data visualizations and championing data to action within the organization.

• Data cleaning and analysis

• Creating or modifying data entry tools

• Creating or modifying indicators for data analytics

• Creating or modifying org units

Provided user support for a number of mobile Apps that we have deployed and used by field workers in more than 10 regions in Tanzania.

• I work with outsourced developers to configure new needs for the Apps we have deployed.

• I provide data for program managers that they need to evaluate performance of their projects.

• I configure the mobile devices for use including installing and updating the Apps or providing instructions for updating the Apps where applicable.

• Remote management of deployed mobile devices, including using Mobile Device Management system to control access to the devices, tracking location, pushing upgrades and usage.

Focal person, for the Upgrading and Maintenance of Malaria Surveillance System in Zanzibar, under Dhibiti Malaria Project

• I actively engaged with stakeholders, including venders who are maintaining the system.

• I Implemented quality assurance measures to ensure that system run as expected,

• I maintained comprehensive documentation related to system upgrades, maintenance procedures, and any changes made to the system

Education & Training

MCs: Information System Management
University of Dar es Salaam
Masters of Science in Informtion System Management
BScs: Computer Science
University of Dar es Salaam
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science